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Performance Based Paid Internship with Residual Income

The residual income is capped at $5,000 per month because this is not a sales position.  You will not be calling on restaurants or businesses.  You will be basically doing data entry to set up local restaurants and other businesses with Free Advertising.  You will also work on projects fitting your talents so that you can build a career with InfoScroll or one of our affiliated companies.  DesignerShow, our fashion startup, is creating a lot of excitement.  

DesignerShow is like American Idol for fashion but with thousands of winners!

If you want to be part of the fashion industry check out


The initial Account Manager tasks are very simple and require less than 10 flexible hours per week.

You can do a search for 92648 in the Where field for a sample of the type of content that you will be adding for restaurants and other businesses being listed on InfoScroll.  You will only add the text content.  Most restaurants and businesses will probably take less than 15 minutes to add to the InfoScroll database.

Initially work with InfoScroll from anywhere and at any time and for only a few hours per week.

Why Performance Based?  Because the more restaurants or businesses you set up, the more Residual Income you will receive.  Businesses pay InfoScroll for redeemed offers.  Your income will be a percentage of the revenue received from your businesses.  The pay plan is designed for you stay and build a career with InfoScroll or one of our affiliated companies.

Our management team joined InfoScroll as interns.  The business Duons sale replica Muller ReplicaHUBLOT REPLICA fake watches replica watches replica watchesfake watches, top quality and 100% same as the original.
media will write that we found raw talent and developed them into business superstars.  InfoScroll is integrated with our own portfolio of companies in multiple industries.  It's part of our IPO strategy.  

"The ideal time to develop a checkmate strategy is before the game starts."  Mario Healy

We are a startup so we offer a lot of opportunity for talented individuals.  There is also risk.  InfoScroll turned down a $1 million funding offer because of the JOBS Act (Crowdfunding).  It was signed on April 5th, 2012 and it is already expanding early-stage investing.


Starting in early 2013, new SEC rules will allow startups to raise up to $1 million per year  ($100 minimum investment from up to 10,000 investors) through crowdfunding.  The general public will now have access to startup  investment opportunities like InfoScroll.  Our Irresistible Offer to our investors is our Anti-Dilution Clause.  Their ownership percentage of InfoScroll will be retained as we do new funding rounds.  We are now getting ready to expand nationwide in 2013.

"53% of college graduates are jobless or working a job that doesn't require a degree."  AP April 22, 2012.

This fact might not affect you right now because you might be graduating in a year or two.  If you are smart, you will want to plan ahead.  If you are not getting other career building job offers, what is the risk of being an intern with a company that offers FREE Restaurant Gift Certificates?  Groupon became the fastest growing company in history by selling discount offers.  How fast will InfoScroll grow by giving them away for FREE?

The initial tasks should not take you more than a few hours per week.  It is just a little more than data entry adding listings on InfoScroll.  You will receive specific instructions along with the content to be added to the InfoScroll database. 

Account Manager with up to $5,000 per month in Residual Income

·         No prospecting or sales contacts are required


·         Work Anywhere & Anytime less than 10 hours per week


·         Build a career with the InfoScroll integrated companies

Account Managers would be ideal candidates to be promoted into other positions. 

The compensation includes Residual Income so that you can phase into another position with InfoScroll or one of our affiliated companies.

The ideal candidate should have a recent degree or planning to graduate by June 2014.  Exceptions will be considered for exceptionally qualified applicants.  Excellent communication skills are required.


USA Citizenship or permanent visa to reside and work in the United States is required. 

People working at start ups probably considered the risk of joining a start up worth it because of the additional opportunities available.  You can work this virtual internship on your own available hours.  It's performance based so it's up to you what to make of this internship and career opportunity

These qualities will help you succeed in life and with InfoScroll:

1.  Adaptability

2.  Honesty

3.  Confidence

4.  Enthusiasm

5.  Good Work Ethic 

Interns will be trained to identify and deploy Integration Marketing opportunities.  Account Managers with a Business Degree will qualify to be promoted as Business Consultants with a yearly residual income capped at $100,000.

InfoScroll and its affiliated companies have formed marketing alliances to create Irresistible Offers for businesses and consumers.

For businesses:  Free Local & Online Advertising, Free Unlimited Mortgage Leads, Free Business Needs Assessment, Free Business Valuations, and more... 

For consumers:  Free Restaurant Gift Certificates  No Credit Card Needed,  Free Book about The Guaranteed Nest Egg, Better than Free Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data cell plan, DesignerShow "Showcasing your new favorite designers and more..." 


Ideally, we want Interns that will accept a permanent position with InfoScroll or one of our affiliated companies.  Think ahead.  You can use this Performance Based Paid Internship with Residual Income as a stepping stone on your career path.

USA is The Land of Opportunity

If you have read to this point, it shows that you can see opportunity for yourself.  That also means that you can learn to evaluate business opportunities for InfoScroll.  In the past, people felt secure by working for a city or county.  Now cities and counties are also cutting back or even filing for bankruptcy.  Join InfoScroll now and let's work together to create more opportunities for ourselves and others. 

Joe Green, lived in the same dorm as Facebook co-fou
nder Mark Zuckerberg.  Joes' dad (a UCLA professor) advised him not to be part of the Facebook startup.  Joe passed on a $3 billion dollar opportunity.  
Next time opportunity came, Joe Green grabbed it and co-launched Nation Builder.  Grab this opportunity to be part of InfoScroll and its integrated companies.

Account Managers would be ideal candidates to be promoted to the following fields:

  • Accounting

  • Advertising

  • Business Consulting

  • CPA candidate

  • Copywriting

  • Corporate Attorneys

  • Corporate Management

  • English Editing

  • Fashion CAD Technicians

  • Fashion Design

  • Fashion Director

  • Fashion Merchandising

  • Fashion Modeling Management

  • Fashion Photography

  • Finance

  • Finance Director

  • Fine Arts / Drawing

  • Graphic Design

  • Human Resources

  • Human Resources Director

  • Interim CEO

  • Interim CFO

  • Interim CIO

  • Interim CMO

  • Interim CTO

  • Information Technology

  • Journalism

  • Marketing

  • Marketing Director

  • Movie Production

  • Music Production

  • Organizational Psychology

  • Paralegal Professionals

  • Public Relations

  • Sociology of Economics

  • Technology Director

  • VP Business Development

  • VP Finance

  • VP Human Resources

  • VP Marketing

  • and more…



ROICOOP, the parent business entity of InfoScroll, owns a growing portfolio of internet brands in the following industries:

  • Advertising Industry
  • Business Consulting
  • Fashion Industry
  • Financial Industry
  • Non-profit Industry
  • Mortgage Industry
  • Publishing Industry
  • Movie Industry
  • Logistics Industry
  • and more...

We have received thousands of internship applications.
To process as many as possible we will follow these three steps:

  1. Please apply now by emailing your résumé to one of these addresses in PDF format:


    Fashion industry applicants please use this email: 


    (Written this way to fool the email robots.  Please use email format)

  2. You will receive an Account Manager Agreement for your review.

  3. The internship information is very detailed but you can also ask questions. 

    Thank you in advance for your understanding

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