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Referral Agreement


Each participant in the Referral program offered by InfoScroll (the "Company") at (the "company website") expressly agrees to this Referral agreement which is hereby made part of our Terms of Use.

NOTICE:  By participating in the Referral program, you are agreeing to comply with and be legally bound by the terms and conditions of this Referral Agreement.

This agreement incorporates the Company's Terms and Conditions of Use of the InfoScroll website.   

Throughout this agreement, "Referral program" refers to the Referral program operated by the Company in part or in whole through the company's website at or any other future domain name chosen by the Company for the specific purpose of marketing the same venture.  The Referral Program is not deemed to apply to any additional internet brands (present or future) owned by the Company. 

The term "Referral Agent" refers to anyone participating in the company's Referral Program.  The program is designed to reward participants for simply introducing the Company's offers to anyone they know.  This could be achieved through their personal email contacts or through social media sites like Facebook.  No SPAM email activities are tolerated.  It is not SPAM if you are emailing your own list of contacts.  Those would be people that have given you their email address which indicates an implied approval for you to communicate with them by email.


Each Referral Agent is an independent contractor of the Company and not an employee. This Referral Agreement cannot in any way be understood as forming an employer/employee relationship.


Whenever a User referred by you signs up through your Referral link or Referral Code, they get recorded as Your Referrals and you are credited when those Referrals complete a commissioned transaction.  Currently the program is available for Free Restaurant Gift Certificates.  When your Referrals go out to eat you get paid.  When their Referrals go out to eat you get paid again and so on down to five levels.  The commission/referral fee amount varies from product, service or opportunity. The rate at which your referral fee is generated is included in this agreement and is subject to change at any time.

In order to get more Free Restaurant Gift Certificates each member must refer a minimum of 3 additional members that will also get Free Restaurant Gift Certificates.  Once this requirement is met, members can get as many gift certificates as wanted. 

Referral Agents can actively refer as many people as possible to greatly increase their monthly commissions and the total yearly income received from the Company.  Restaurants pay the Company $2 per redeemed gift certificate and the Company shares the revenue received with the Referral Agents.  For example, a Referral Agent referring 12 sign ups that also refer 12 sign ups would earn more than $7,000 per year as per the following projections:

Assumptions:  12 Referrals by the Referral Agent and 12 Referrals by the 2nd Level Users.  In this scenario, additional users refer only 3 members each which is the minimum requirement to get more Free Restaurant Gift Certificates. 

Many users will want a Free Restaurant Gift Certificate at least once per month.  A Referral Agent should be able to refer 12 sign ups and motivate those 12 sign ups to practically immediately also share the FREE Restaurant Gift Certificates offer with at least 12 sign ups. Under that assumption, it would take 3 months to reach the following sign up and income levels.

Sign Up Totals                            Income            Commission

1st Level Referrals       12              $3.00               $0.25

2nd Level Referrals      144            $36.00             $0.25

3rd Level       432            $108.00           $0.25

4th Level Referrals       1,296         $194.40           $0.15

5th Level Referrals       3,888         $388.80           $0.10
          Totals Franck Muller Replica              5,772        $730.20

Total yearly projected income:      replica watches uk$7,302.00


The minimum net check amount is $100 and before the payment is made, the Referral Agent must submit to the Company the required Internal Revenue Service identification information (W-9 IRS form).  The form will be provided by the Company and can be faxed as per the instructions that will be provided to process the commission payments.  You will not receive any payment of referral fees until the required documentation is received and processed by the Company.

The Company will set up different commission rates for any future products and services offered. 

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