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Better Than Free Unlimited Cell Plan

This is a Better Than Free Unlimited 4G Cell Plan because if you share it you get paid.
When those you refer share it, you get paid again.  It's simple and easy.

  1. You get Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data for only $49 /month.

  2. Share this offer on your Facebook page or anywhere else.

  3. Get $20 /month for each 3 signups and it repeats again. 

    For example:

    You refer   12 signups           =  $80 per month

    They refer 12 signups each  =  $960 per month

    You get $1,040 per month for sharing a $49 per month Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data plan.  That's better than FREE.

    You can easily share the offer and signup link on your Facebook page.  How many people do you know that use a cell phone?  How many people do they know?  Before you get too excited, it is capped at $20,000 per month.  That's the power of Viral Marketing.

    InfoScroll will be advertising this offer to hundreds of thousands in Southern California and then scale up to millions nationwide.  If you act now, you can benefit from our advertising because we will sign up a number of consumers under your referral code. 

    Why?  It's called Integration Marketing.  You and InfoScroll both get the same financial results and by combining our efforts we can very quickly signup thousands for the Better Than Free Unlimited Cell Plan.

    For more information call Mario Healy, the Marketing Director for ROICOOP and InfoScroll.  He's an Integration Marketing expert and can be reached at (800) 916 6339  Ext. 301

    Go now to the cell phone provider site and


Share & Earn
Free for Everyone!

Join now and enjoy!

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