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Free Online Advertising

Online advertising is quickly becoming the most effective way to reach potential customers. Online advertising accelerated in 200growing to $23.6 billion, a 39% increase over 2006 and the growth continues.


Submit a brief description of your business and your compelling offer and we will help you design an Effective Free Online Advertising program. First Come; First Served.  Click here to contact us now.


If you own or manage a restaurant:


You get 100% more revenue and a lot more customers
because the InfoScroll Restaurant Gift Certificates are FRE


Shrink your marketing expenses by $10 or $15 per gift certificate.


Boost your revenue by up to $15 per gift certificate.



Compare to
InfoScroll's FREE Restaurant Gift Certificates No Credit Card Needed are only for $15 or $10.  You set the value of your gift certificates and the minimum purchase amount.  

With the standard minimum purchase of $35, and a $10 Free Gift Certificate, you getm the customer.  Also, you save $15 on the marketing expense.  Each gift certificate is worth 150% more revenue to your business.  That's why participating restaurants are telling us that they will take as many customers as possible.

The Gift Certificates are FREE so you decide when they are valid (lunch only, M-Th, etc) and how many to honor each month. 

Equity Ownership Advertising
You will get all of these benefits plus your advertising budget will also give you an Equity Ownership of a media company which could be worth to you $154,415,520 dollars during its planned IPO.  Read more…


1.       24 / 7 advertising results
One of the problems with advertising is that you could be reaching consumers when they don't need your product or service.  Also, once the TV or radio spot is over your advertising is done.  A newspaper ad is discarded in a couple of days.  "50% of advertising money is wasted but nobody knows which 50%."

But if you don't advertise, your competitors can use advertising to secure a position in the mind of your potential customers.  Our advertising campaigns would direct consumers responding to your offer to InfoScroll where you will have a 24/7 Top of Mind presence.  Millions of consumers responding to the FREE Restaurant Gift Certificates offer will also be introduced to your offer. 

2.       Increased revenue with reduced discounts
Some of your customers might not need a discount to buy.  They already know your product or service and want it.  You can delegate special offers and discounts to InfoScroll to drive new customers.  You can then generate higher revenue from existing customers coming directly to your company website.   

This two pronged approach avoids the "Macy's Sale Syndrome."  Their customers are trained to wait for the mailer with the "weekly" Macy's sale.  InfoScroll will attract and funnel customers to you with enticing FREE offers.  The offers can have a short expiration date and customized to fit your business needs.  You can control your offers on real time.  If you need more business, we can crank up the volume by enhancing the offers and actively promoting your special offers to our members.

3.       Equity Ownership Advertising
You will own 2% of InfoScroll for $50,000 which will be used to advertise your offer on radio reaching one million Southern Californians.  If InfoScroll matches Groupon's fantastic growth while also becoming profitable at a very early stage, your 2% could equal more than 12,867,000 shares at a target InfoScroll IPO price of $12 per share.  Equity Ownership Advertising with InfoScroll could be worth more than $154 million dollars to you plus a lot more business!

If you want to know more about our Equity Ownership Advertising program please contact: 

Mario Healy
Marketing Director
(800) 916 6339 Ext. 301

This Equity Ownership Advertising opportunity is only intended for business owners or corporations with attractive consumer offers and that can also qualify as accredited investors. reserves the right to approve only businesses with a valuable product or service offering a compelling offer to our internet visitorsDuons sale Replique montres de Omega Montre De BreitlingReplique Montre De Breitling

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