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InfoScroll Corporation is a start up Marketing company designed with multiple revenue streams. 

Business is simply an offer.  InfoScroll has a trademarked offer which you can understand in three seconds or less:


FREE Restaurant Gift Certificates

No Credit Card Needed

In less than three seconds you can know the following:

What are we    Restaurant Gift Certificates

How much do they cost?: FREE

Why should you trust us?: No Credit Card Needed


YouTube, Paypal and Netscape, at the beginning of the internet age, reached billion dollar valuations without a clear monetization strategy.  Google raised investment funds without a business plan.  It wasFranck Muller Replica Watches a cool search engine but for over one year they didn't know how they would ever make money!

InfoScroll is launching a businessSWISS REPLICA WATCHES empire with brands in multiple industries.  


It took a $19,000 investment to fake watcheslaunch Facebook.  Pierre Omidyar, eBay founder, raised $3 million dollars to launch eBay and never used the money.  He kept it in the bank!  That's what is possible with Viral Marketing and an Irresistible Offer.

Each of our two initial Irresistible Offers are projected to generate millions of dollars in revenue.  I hold a Business Administration degree with emphasis in Accounting but I will restrain myself and not go into the numbers because this is only supposed to be an "elevator presentation" to potential accredited investors.

FREE Restaurant Gift Certificates bring a lot more customers to our participating restaurants because the Gift Certificates are FREE.  The restaurants get a lot more customers plus 100% more revenue than other competing programs.  Because of the Law of Large Numbers, the restaurant's nominal InfoScroll fee per customer translates into millions of dollars in revenue for InfoScroll.

$25 Gift Cards for $17 or less will also generate millions of dollars in monthly revenue for InfoScroll.  I said to my wife, "Honey, If you could buy a $25 grocery gift card for $17 would you buy it?"  She said, "Yes.  Of course."  I then asked, "if you bought one how many would you buy?"  She said that we spend about $300 per month on groceries so she would buy $300 per month.  That is worthDuons sale cheap fake watches, top quality and 100% same as the original. billions of dollars to one grocery conglomerate with thousands of stores nationwide.

Who do you know that would want FREE Restaurant Gift Certificates?  Who do you know that buys groceries?
  They will all want to know about InfoScroll.

The term Initial Public Offering is misleading because the public is forced to pay a premium for the stock which is only available after Wall Street has taken its share.  That market disparity inspired Pierre Omidyar to create eBay a perfect market place.


If you the Super Bowl (2011) you probably watched the Groupon commercial.  They're the fastest growing company in history.  Their membership has grown faster than companies like eBay, Paypal, Hotmail or even Facebook.  That is the power of viral marketing.


This is what the media says about Groupon:

"(Groupon) the biggest IPO by a U.S. Internet company since Google, Inc. raised $1.7 billion in 2004." (Reuters November 23, 2011)

"Groupon's initial public offering is on at $20 per share, to give the Chicago daily deals site a valuation of $12.7 billion."  (LA Times, cheap fake watchesNovember 4th, 2011)

 "(Groupon) the fastest growing company ever" (Forbes, August 2010).


"The company (Groupon) recently rejected a $6 billion bid from Google."


The Groupon Super Bowl (2011) commercial opens on the mountains of Tibet.  Timothy Hutton explains that at 200 people bought $30 worth of Tibetan food for $15 at Himalayan Restaurant in Chicago. Watch the commercial on Youtube: "groupon super bowl commercial" 



Again, business is simply an offer.

Groupon Offer: 

50% to 90% Discounts.  
Example:  $30 Restaurant Gift Certificate for $15 but only if the required number of buyers is reached --  it could be 200 buyers.



InfoScroll Trademarked Offer: 


FREE Restaurant Gift Certificates

No Credit Card Needed



Which offer do you like best?  Which offer appeals to most consumers?  Can you imagine the InfoScroll response from reaching 105 million people with the FREE Restaurant Gift Certificates No Credit Card Needed offer?


if you are an accredited investor, please contact Mario Healy through the email link below to request an Executive Summary.  It is our commitment to give our "initial accredited investors" access to our Initial Public Offering.

InfoScroll is a subsidiary of, a business consulting company.  Contact us to invest now in these Irresistible Offers:
    investor.requests (at)

Thank you,


Mario Healy
Marketing Director
(800) 916 6339 Ext. 301

18377 Beach Blvd. Suite 106
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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