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Our Team

Because of our trademarked offers, InfoScroll is currently attracting hundreds of talented team players in four continents in preparation for our global expansion.

InfoScroll new hires join the company as interns with an Account Manager title.  The most talented are being promoted to positions fitting their potential.  InfoScroll is a performance based company.  Our team's potential is not measured by titles; our performance proves our potential.

Jack Hartmann, Interim CEO
Jack received his B.A. in Business Administration at George Fox University and a M.A. in Management at Azusa Pacific University. His background includes four plus years of sales and marketing experience. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies developing new products with their marketing teams. He has a very strong entrepreneurial spirit and started his first business when he was only 14 years old.

Carolina Perez, VP Marketing
Carolina holds a B.A. in Advertising & Public Relations from The European University of Madrid in Spain and a Graphic Design Certificate from Irvine Valley College in California. Her background includes working freelance and tutoring in the graphic design field.  She has a very positive motivated spirit and great people skills.


Alexander Matar, VP Business Development
Alexander received his B.A in Psychology at American University of Beirut and is currently attending Irvine Valley College for a second degree in Computer Engineering.  His background includes 8 years plus in sales and marketing experience. He has worked with import and export car companies developing new ways of marketing.  He is a natural salesperson and has very strong communication skills.

Michael Sanders, VP of Human Resources
Michael earned a BS in Organizational Leadership at Fort Hays State University.  His background includes people development, process development, management, and organizational team building.  He believes that through collaborative development we can unlock hidden leadership abilities in anyone.  Michael is internally driven to be that enabler, mentor, educator, and developer people seek to grow and learn from.

Michael McCoy, Project Manager
Michael is working to receive his BA at the University of Southern California for Industrial and Systems Engineering.  His background is in logistics, supply chains, operations management, and databasing. He believes in thinking creatively and working hard.  Michael has good communication skills and works well with others.


Annika Lee, Project Manager
Annika is a senior in Oregon Institute of Technology's applications development program.  From an early age she recalls being especially drawn to math, music, language and technology. She enjoys learning by interaction and working collaboratively with diverse personalities to solve problems. For Annika, creating something that helps someone's ideas find success is a rewarding process with the side benefit of expanding her own knowledge base. In the future, she hopes to continue her personal enrichment by pursuing an advanced degree in mathematics.


Mario Healy, Marketing Director
Mario is a hybrid with a Business Administration degree with emphasis in Accounting and a minor in English.  He loves numbers but is a marketing and management guy by passion. 


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