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Restaurant Industry Sponsors
All of the companies providing products and Piaget replica ukservices to the Patek Philippe replicarestaurant industry will be invited to sponsor our advertising campaign to help restaurants survive and thrive Duons sale montre de rolexReplique montres de Omegareplica watches ukLongines replica watchesreplica watches uk, top quality and 100% same as the original.during this economic downturn.

The sponsoring companies will enjoy an immediate Return on Investment because the sponsor advertising contribution is insignificant. Restaurant owners can only purchase additional products and services if they have customers coming to their restaurants.


The companies listed below marked by the word YES indicate the confirmed sponsors. Any companies unable to sponsor this campaign at this time will be marked with the word NO.

Restaurant owners are encouraged to support vendors sponsoring this advertising campaign.


YES We will help Franck Muller ReplicaHUBLOT REPLICA WATCHESrestaurants get more business

NO We are unable Replique De MontreReplique Montre De Breitlingto sponsor at this time



Company Name Category Status Comments
California Churros Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC California Churros
Barilla America Inc Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Barilla America Inc
Armanino Foods Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Armanino Foods
American Italian Pasta Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC American Italian Pasta
Aguas Festival Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Aguas Festival
Carlas Pasta Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Carlas Pasta
Del Real Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Del Real
El Burrito Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC El Burrito
Fiorucci Foods Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Fiorucci Foods
Fontanini Meats Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Fontanini Meats
Fresherized Foods Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Fresherized Foods
Indel Foods Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Indel Foods
Lakeview Farms Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Lakeview Farms
Mangia Inc Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Mangia Inc
Marquez Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Marquez
Menu Inspirations Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Menu Inspirations
Mic Foods Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Mic Foods
Mission Foods Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Mission Foods
National Steak Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC National Steak
Pepsico Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Pepsico
Pocino Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Pocino
Ruiz Food Products Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Ruiz Food Products
Sana Internacional Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Sana Internacional
Stanislaus Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Stanislaus
Windsor Foods Appetizer - Hispanic - Italian NC Windsor Foods
Ajinomoto Foods Asian NC Ajinomoto Foods
Amoy Asian NC Amoy
Ariake Asian NC Ariake
Golden Sea Asian NC Golden Sea
Hikari Sea Asian NC Hikari Sea
House of Foods Asian NC House of Foods
Icrest Asian NC Icrest
Imurya Asian NC Imurya
International Marine Asian NC International Marine
Kozen Asian NC Kozen
Marukan Asian NC Marukan
Mishima Asian NC Mishima
Misuzu Asian NC Misuzu
Niitakaya Asian NC Niitakaya
Otafuku Foods Asian NC Otafuku Foods
Quoc Viet Foods Asian NC Quoc Viet Foods
Sincere Noodle Asian NC Sincere Noodle
Soyafarm Asian NC Soyafarm
Sun Noodle Asian NC Sun Noodle
Uji-No-Tsuyu Asian NC Uji-No-Tsuyu
Wang Globelnets Asian NC Wang Globelnets
Williams Rice Asian NC Williams Rice
Yamasa Corporation Asian NC Yamasa Corporation
Bridgford Marketing Co Bakery / Breakfast NC Bridgford Marketing Co
Burry Food Service Bakery / Breakfast NC Burry Food Service
Cheesecake Factory Bakery / Breakfast NC Cheesecake Factory
Continental Mills Bakery / Breakfast NC Continental Mills
Country Home Bakers Bakery / Breakfast NC Country Home Bakers
Flowers Bakeries Bakery / Breakfast NC Flowers Bakeries
Franz Family Bakeries Bakery / Breakfast NC Franz Family Bakeries
General Mills Bakery / Breakfast NC General Mills
Gold Standard Baking Bakery / Breakfast NC Gold Standard Baking
Hopes Cookies Bakery / Breakfast NC Hopes Cookies
Kellogg Bakery / Breakfast NC Kellogg
Lauras French Baking Bakery / Breakfast NC Lauras French Baking
Orange Bakery Bakery / Breakfast NC Orange Bakery
Otis Spunkmeyer Bakery / Breakfast NC Otis Spunkmeyer
Pennant Foods Bakery / Breakfast NC Pennant Foods
Pinnacle Foods Bakery / Breakfast NC Pinnacle Foods
Ralcorp Bakery / Breakfast NC Ralcorp
Rich Products Bakery / Breakfast NC Rich Products
Rotella Baking Bakery / Breakfast NC Rotella Baking
Sara Lee Bakery / Breakfast NC Sara Lee
Schwans Bakery Bakery / Breakfast NC Schwans Bakery
Signature Breads Bakery / Breakfast NC Signature Breads
Vie de France Bakery / Breakfast NC Vie de France
Western Bagel Bakery / Breakfast NC Western Bagel
Cal Tex Citrus Beverage NC Cal Tex Citrus
Coca Cola Beverage NC Coca Cola
Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Beverage NC Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Javo 300-301 Beverage NC Javo 300-301
Kraft Foods Beverage NC Kraft Foods
Quick Dispense Beverage NC Quick Dispense
Rock Star Beverage NC Rock Star
S Martinelli Beverage NC S Martinelli
Starbucks Brands Beverage NC Starbucks Brands
Tetley Harris Food Group Beverage NC Tetley Harris Food Group
Tree Top Beverage NC Tree Top
UBF Food Solutions Beverage NC UBF Food Solutions
Dairy Farmers of America Cheese NC Dairy Farmers of America
Pacific Cheese Cheese NC Pacific Cheese
Roth Kase Cheese NC Roth Kase
Schreiber Foods Cheese NC Schreiber Foods
Ecolab Chemical NC Ecolab
Alta Dena Dairy NC Alta Dena
Cantare Foods Dairy NC Cantare Foods
Dannon Yogurt Dairy NC Dannon Yogurt
Dreyers Ice Cream Dairy NC Dreyers Ice Cream
Morningstar Foods Dairy NC Morningstar Foods
Conagra Foods Deli NC Conagra Foods
Pepsico Deli NC Pepsico
Popchips Deli NC Popchips
Vienna Beef Deli NC Vienna Beef
Diana Fruit Desserts NC Diana Fruit
Fundue Foods Desserts NC Fundue Foods
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